Saturday, July 12, 2014

Diabetic Recipes

Treating Diabetes through Diet and Exercise

America has a problem. No, this is not about the current residents of the White House.... 

Cooking for Those with Dietary Restrictions

As with so many things (culinary wise, anyways), the only way to really know for... 

Healthy Macaroni Salad Recipes

If you’re planning a picnic, macaroni salad as one of those dishes that is... 

Finding Awesome Diabetic Gifts For Christmas

Christmas time is a wonderful experience for millions of people across the world.... 

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Diabetic Activities

Traveling With Diabetes

One of the first things you need to be sure is that you are able to travel. It is... 

Is Diabetes Affecting Your Relationship?

Women everywhere suffer from various health problems.  Usually, these problems can... 

5 Tasty Treats To Help You Party Hearty But Party Healthy

Before you know, it’s going to be time again to don our favorite costumes and bob... 

5 Diabetic Auto Immune Diseases

Diabetes in and of itself is a serious disease that can potentially lead to huge... 

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Diabetic Diet Plan

Spreading The Word About Diabetes

Diabetes is an epidemic that is affecting millions of people across the entire world. People are doing many things that are helping to prevent diabetes but the word still needs to be spread even more. If you are thinking of launching a campaign online to educate people about diabetes then you need to do a few necessary things in order to catch people’s... [Read more of this review]

Monitoring Your Diabetes with Your Phone?

Keeping your diabetes in line can require a lot of testing, planning and avoiding certain foods.  Until now, people with diabetes have had to use traditional methods to monitor their blood sugar levels. Now, thanks to the smartphone and its non-stop rising popularity, there are dozens of helpful apps that make it possible to monitor your diabetes on... [Read more of this review]

Driving Safely with Diabetes

Driving with diabetes? Like millions of other drivers around the world you have something in common but sadly, one thing that unites many drivers with diabetes is getting a higher car insurance estimate when they decide to switch car insurance companies. Simple Steps for Prevention Your diabetes doesn’t have to be a weight hanging around your neck.... [Read more of this review]

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